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The Beat's Featured Site: Word Search Puzzles

Puzzles & Riddles
6 Tubes Puzzle
AIMS Puzzle
AMUOUS Mind Puzzles
Brain Blitz
Bonus.Com Crosswords
CalmPlex Puzzle
Contests and Freebies
Interactive Mathematics
Java Applet Showroom
Optical Illusions
Paul Alberstat presents MIND GAMES
Potter's Puzzles
Riddle Du Jour
Shack's Logic Problems
Situational Puzzles
Soma Cube
TDEC Animal Puzzles
The Puzzler
Ultimate Puzzle Site
Web Puzzler


Puzzle Highlights!
Paul Alberstat

* Featured Sites *

An online learning game where you'll be presented with 10 randomly selected word origin or word definition puzzles to solve. Choose the correct answer to score a point for that question. Beware: the false answers will often also seem quite plausible, and some of the true answers are hard to believe!

21st Century
Jigsaw Puzzle
Software Program

Connect the pieces, your puzzle takes form. Complete your jigsaw puzzle, a Proud Moment. Download full version demo of this PC game!

Java Applet Showroom

Great online games and puzzles!

Brain Blitz

Brain Blitz Instant Games are quick, fun, multi-player games that you can play right in your browser.

Online Crosswords

With a nice selection online crossword puzzles with a kid's puzzles, tax puzzle, valentive's puzzle and many more. Plus play Word Search, Word Slide and even Currency Exchange games!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Manufacturers of superb quality custom jigsaw puzzles since 1972. Cardboard, wood, magnetic, precut heat transfer jigsaw puzzles and personalized photo puzzles. Even from your photos, children's drawings or anything printed on paper.

Paul Alberstat presents MIND GAMES

The incredible world of Canadian Mentalist and entertainer Paul Alberstat. Show descriptions, booking information, interactive tricks and much more. Fascinating site!

Contests and Freebies

Top 5 links, Postcard of the week, sport's spot, children's play area, and all child friendly.

CalmPlex Puzzle

From their site -
"An all wood mechanical put together puzzle that requires the dexterity of the Rubik's and the logic of the Soma. The CalmPlex puzzle, its simplicity belies its innate complexity. This will leave the most seasoned cubie bewildered."

Craft Toys

The Handmade, Homemade Toy Shop Catalog!

MGC's Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Maker of the finest quality hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles for any holiday or occasion using your personal enlarged photographs, fine art prints, calendar pictures, old maps and company logos. A very special gift idea for anyone who enjoys puzzles.

The Crossroads

Give your brain a daily workout. Their cool Shockwave-based games are played against the computer.

ELMS Jigsaw Puzzles

Beautiful, intriguing and challenging handcut wooden jigsaw puzzles to tickle the fancy of puzzlers of all ages.

More Puzzles &
Online Stores
3 Trolls
Craft Toys
CNNSI Puzzles
ELMS Jigsaw Puzzles
IBM Electric Origami Shop
IQ Puzzles
Jared's Shareware Puzzles
Jared's Sliding Wooden Block Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles
Merriam-Webster's Word Puzzles
MGC's Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
Online Crosswords
Play Yahoo
Puzzles Plus
Richard Ballhagen's Custom Wood Jigsaw Puzzles
Stave Puzzles
The Crossroads
Word Search Puzzles

The Search Beat... Table of Contents!

Where to begin with
Puzzles & Riddles on the Web...!

Puzzle and riddle lovers are in for a treat on the Internet! There are so many online stumpers to challenge the mind of the web browser, you will literally be racking your brain to solve some of these elusive puzzles and logic games.

Many puzzles and riddles have been added to the web by non-commercial web sites that love the mind-teasers and like to exercise their brain and the minds of their web visitors. Some web sites may require Java but are worth the download wait. Some of you might not have the newest web browser software with Java built-in, but go ahead and give it a try anyway!

Shack's Logic Problems and Potter's Puzzles are just two non-commercial web pages that come to mind (No pun intended!). These puzzle lovers have put some of the toughest challenges on the web on their pages. AIMS Puzzle provide some educational puzzles and the TDEC Animal Puzzles continue in the learning mode with some animal fun!

Some puzzles can be downloaded as shareware such as at Jared's Shareware Puzzles or just be played online over at Eric's Puzzles The other option on the web is to purchase some wonderful puzzles from the many online stores like Richard Ballhagen's Custom Wood Jigsaw Puzzles, Stave Puzzles and ELMS Jigsaw Puzzles.

Some big commercial web sites like CNNSI Puzzles, Merriam-Webster's Word Puzzles and Uproar could have you puzzle solving all day and night. One of our favorites is Interactive Mathematics where you have to really push those brain cells to loop your way through these stumpers.

If riddles are your thing, then Riddle Du Jour and Riddle of the Week will provide endless amusement. And visual riddles like Optical Illusions, Illusion Works and the IBM Electric Origami Shop will keep the old brain from wearing out so fast!

We have just dipped our feet (or rather our brain) into the vast puzzle reservoir on the web and there is so much more!


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